Umrah Diaries | January 2020

Dammit! Why am I so indecisive?

I am in Mecca and have just finished my Umrah.

I wanted to post every day, a little bit about how each day felt like in Mecca and especially in Haram Shareef. I had drafted the posts, with tags and categories and whatnot. Then, I realized that i don’t want to post about it because it is too personal.

That was a lot of work. I don’t simply delete drafted posts because I don’t like anything in trash folder. It is one of my very many quirks. So, I had to convert ’em all to other posts. It took fifteen minutes of my time.

And, now, I have changed my mind, again. Yes, you’re right. I will draft those posts again, from the WordPress app, which is like the worst blogging experience ever. WordPress app tests your patience like anything.

So, here goes. The latest experience of Umrah – January 2020.

Prayers for all ummah.

Shabana Mukhtar