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How I Met My Crush: A Young Adult Romance Short Story


How I Met My Crush

I’ve had a crush on my classmate for two whole years of junior high, but that feeling is never reciprocated until I ran into him at a book shop.

And then, things change…

“So, is that how you study?” Zarveen points at me. I look at him as if he is speaking Greek and Latin. Whatever the hell does he mean?
He points at my forehead and smiles again. His eyes twinkle and he bits his lips as if he is just aching to burst into roaring laughter.
I touch my forehead and feel a sticky note. I pull it out and look at it.
Oh, the horror!
I was so tired of the length of the last chapter, the human reproduction system, that I had stuck the post-it note to my forehead. I was practising the diagrams. The post-it note has a dorsal view of the said female reproductive organ—the vagina, which extends into the cervix and up into the Fallopian tubes and ends in the outer wall of the uterus. The fallopian tubes connect to the uterus, with cilia shaking that helps push eggs toward this area through the funnel form of opening called an ostium. It is quite impressive, really, that I recall everything that I had studied.
But that’s not the problem here.
“Oh, this…” I say, hoping that he doesn’t see my face flaming with embarrassment. “I was just getting some studying in.”
He smiles at me again and looks down at his shoes. He is trying to not laugh. That’s adorable. I look at the note again. The diagram was drawn perfectly with neat labels.
The sticky note has a pencil sketch of one of the most complex diagrams we have studied in zoology so far, the anatomical one. The dorsal view of the female reproductive organ is drawn perfectly, with neat labels.
Fallopian tubes, Endometrium, uterus, ovaries, vulva, cervix and vagina. For reason unbeknownst to me, I had chosen to make the last word all caps and doodle around the word as if I were a compulsive child doodling in class I had circled the word ‘Vagina’ and decorated it with little hearts and flowers…
Oh, gosh!
He must think that I’m obsessed with a vagina… The best day of my life is quickly turning out to be the worst day of my life.
I want to drop my head into my hands and groan out loud. I’m so stupid!
Instead, I quickly shove the post-it note in my dress’s pocket.
“Ahem…” I clear my throat for no reason. “Should I bring you some water?”
“Oh, no thanks…” he says, shuffling his feet.
“Do you need anything?” I ask. “Oh, I mean, other than water. “Juice? Tea? Coffee?” I laugh awkwardly. I know… I’m rambling, but that’s the only reaction to my embarrassment. You can counter embarrassment with more embarrassment, right?
This is a light and breezy, sweet and clean romance short story. If you like it, I might expand it into a novel.

Date published: February 14, 2022

Genre: Contemporary/Romance/Social/Short Stories/Fiction





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