Crooning Techies: The Novel

Each day, I am taking baby steps towards achieving my passion for writing. My journey for indie author is taking baby steps as well.

My first full length novel is 80 percent done, and there is another 80 percent remaining. Just like my journey, I am phasing out the publishing process too.

I would prefer to get feedback as I write. I have split the novel into four phases. Each phase can be read as a standalone novella. First two novellas are published. Please check out the books on Amazon, the links are below.

If it interests you, please make a purchase and support an indie author 😉

Every purchase makes a ton of difference for the writer.

If you would like to review as beta reader, please get in touch by writing to

I will send you the PDF.


Coming Soon:

Happy Reading!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Faseeha Ahmad says:

    I read first three. Waiting for fourth one.

  2. U better run miss Sara 😉
    I will share it, soon. Just as I’m going to read Cinder 😉

  3. Sara Saif says:

    Hullo there! I would like the PDF. I know you sent it to me but I think I deleted it by mistake. *runs*

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