Daemons within

Everybody has daemons to fight

Some are within, some are outside

External daemons affect the internal ones.

Internal daemons are getting worse, I need a guide

I have been struggling with internal and external daemons for a very long time. My biggest problem, my everyday challenge is anger.

I am short-tempered, and I am hot-tempered. I am very easily irritable, and that irritation lasts longer than usual. Like really long, abnormally long. At times it continues for a week as well. During this time, I am on edge. It is very much like a simmering state. One tiny little thing can push me off the cliff and I would react in most unpredictable manner. Of course, this realization sinks in much later, when I am doing retrospection of the day and clearing my head before going to sleep. Some times, I cannot even go to sleep, because I am still seething with anger.

As I age, I have observed myself and my behaviors. I have started to be more mindful of how I react to situations that anger me, and to intentionally put efforts for coming out of that state and be “normal”.


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