Self Doubt Week

I just realized that writing fiction in English is more difficult than writing it in Urdu. And writing fiction in English, is not quite the same as writing cynic posts about my opinions and feelings. As I continue with my reading challenge on goodreads, I become more and more apprehended that my content is not good.

I have been working one two Urdu novels at the time. As a side effect of mood swing, I wanted to work on another idea, that I have been nourishing in my head for quite some time. This said idea, is more suited for English, or so I feel.

As I sat down, and jotted down the points, I filled all of two pages in my big spiral notebook. All geared up, I opened up a new word document, and started to write.

All I could write, was twelve pages of something that remotely resembled the plot. I failed to describe the setting of the first chapter.

There is a difference in mother tongue and father tongue after all.

I am now contemplating to quit. I think I should just be content of whatever I am doing, and resume working on the Urdu novel, that I abandoned past week.

Not a happy week for me.

Shabana Mukhtar

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