Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #2

The second episode shows Noori yelling at Sahir as she pays for her tea and biscuits. Sahir is smitten, and he likes her more in the next meeting.

Noori goes to her village to meet her family over the weekend. She meets Bhola in the bus. Bhola… The heart of this story. Bhola is the reason I enjoyed the novel as much as I did. He is one of the most unique and entertaining characters I have ever read. He makes us laugh every second, often making us think how a mentally unstable person can say something so meaningful.

When I read the novel I had imagined Imran Ashraf as Tipu (Bhola in the drama). He is one of the few actors who are uninhibited and spontaneous in their acting. It is a challenging role and he has done it with such grace and aplomb that words fail me. I think the role was written for him.

Amma Jannate teaches her to be humble and respectful of her parents. Shoka eyes her to marry her and starts to woo her parents for the same.

If I start to mention the best scenes, it will be every scene with Bhola / Imran Ashraf in it.


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