Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #4

The episode begins with Bhola and instantly brings a smile. Bhola’s conversation with Komal is rib-tickling.

Shoka talks to Noori’s father for marrying Noori. He is ready, but Noori’s mother initially has some apprehensions.

Noori continues to pester Sahir by promising to be the girl his mother would approve, and Sahir continues to break her heart by being ruthlessly honest with her. He, however, gifts her a dress, bangles and back chadar for Eid. Noori reluctantly goes to her home to celebrate Eid.

Bhola steals the golden kangans from his mother and gifts them to Mumtaz Begum, the part human, part lomdi in Mureedpur Mela. Amma and chachi Rizwana are worried about him as well as the kangans.

Sahir finally tells the reason behind his hesitation – that Noori’s father is a chungad (ragpicker). He himself is heartbroken when he says it.

Imran Ashraf is undoubtedly the best performer. While Bhola entertains by talking nonstop, unfiltered thoughts; Syed Jibran deals with a different challenge as his character Sahir has to act and react without much dialogue. Every time he looks at Noori, it breaks my heart a little. You can see the love in his eyes, and the restrain he enforces upon himself. Fabulous job by both!

By the way, I repeat that Amma Jannate does not fit the description. She doesn’t even feel right for her name. She wears nice suits, keeps her dupatta on shoulders, holds her hair in a stylish bun. I had imagined someone like Amma (Asma Abbas) who wears simple dresses and covers herself with dupatta.

Shabana Mukhtar