Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #3

The third episode shows Bhola in Amma Jannate’s house, who knows him and his family from the past. Noori and Bhola visit the circus to meet Mumtaz Begum, that Bhola allegedly loves. The scene is hilarious.

Noori gets into a panga with a random man and Sahir tries to move her away but the man calls her bazari. Sahir loses his cool and beats him clack and blue. Noori realizes his feelings and hers, too. Sahir walks her to the station, and during casual conversation, Noori says “mere sath rahoge to aish karoge.”

Sahir replies, “Tumhare sath? Aish? Pakka?

Let the romance begin.

I have a question – Why is he so handsome?

Noori comes back a day earlier as she realizes her feelings for Sahir. She confesses her love to him, getting mixed response. It seems that Sahir feels the same way, but is afraid to admit and commit. Noori doesn’t concede, and she continues to pester him to confess his love for her.

Bhola reaches home and Amma ji beats him. It doesn’t have any effect on him, though. Don’t you love him? Don’t you think that his nonchalance towards everything and everyone is perfect for today’s world?

I think it was Momin Khan Momin who described it perfectly.

Aalm-e-Deewangi Kya Khoob Hai

Beykasi Ka WaaN Kisi ko Ghum NayiN

Shabana Mukhtar