Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2 – Episode 10







Jalal and pari are back from police station. Everyone knows except Masooma.

DJ is in full BBC mode breaking news and showing videos to every one.

Best scene of the episode is Meena’s introduction with the family, where she goes to hug everyone and Jalal stops her.

Sherry and Kinza are fighting, because Meena keeps saying ‘Gul Khanan se baat karo’. Kinza seems to have to gained some weight since first season. Sherry loses his patience and announces that he and Kinza are in Nikaah. That sparks a full-on wailing tamasha by Meena. She threatens to call her family. Jalal pretends to commit suicide to make her stop.

There are two (almost) full cast shots in this episode.


Shahana to Kinza: Haye, to bado ka adab nahin sikhaya kisi ne? MA karne aa gayi hai Urdu adab mein.


Happy watching! 

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