Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2 – Episode 9


The episode starts with a fight between Nageena and Pari. Team Nageena has her son Joji and team Pari has Jalal Khan. Shahana and Billo are just audiences.

Shahana to Jalal, ‘Har waqt teeliyan na lagata raha karein’.

There is a conference with Jia, Arsal and their parents. Now, there are two teams.

Jalal and Pari are out for shopping and are arrested.

Bi Jaan allows Jia to go to London. Arsal is upset, but being the genius, he has come up with a great plan – both will go to London. Of course, only mother’s know about it and are not agreeing to it.
Another new character is introduced in the episode – Meena Khan, Jalal Khan’s neice. And boy is she loud! The Meena and Meetho will make a nice couple, for sure.

There was some fumbling that should have been caught and corrected.

1. Shahana ‘Motor ki tanki theek ki hai ya nahin?”

2. Agha Jaan ‘Kinza ki bari banao, akhir ko bhanji hai tumhari’

The Continuity problem where Jia’s hair is getting straight and curled, long and short in different sequences is difficult to ignore. Proof, you ask?

Notable Performer

Shahana: Puttar, tum dono ka koi deen iman hai ki nahin hai?


Happy watching! 


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