Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2 – Episode 14


The episode starts with the consequences of the fight between Joji and Jalal. Joji has his right hand broken and Jalal left eye is in pain. The ‘adalat’ continues, one thing leads to other and arsal rightly guesses that DJ must have sent the message.
DJ did so to avenge the Jalal’s mocking for Jia and Arsal. Isn’t that cute?
The next session of the court is in Bi Jaan’s room where only Bi Jaan, Agha Ji, Arsal and Jia are present. The emotional drama between the lead couple continues to bore me. Huma tries to patch the distance between them but it doesn’t seem to work.
Finally in the middle of the night, there is the first mention of divorce and Jamshed also hits Arsal. Jia is upset with DJ for complaining about the whole matter. But seriously, so much fuss over a kid’s complaint?

This episode is also full of sponsored products, yuck!

Performer of the day

Naeema being the strict mother and wife. Uff!!

Best Moment Of the Episode

When bi Jaan spontaneously prays for a long life for Agha Ji and he says amen.

Happy watching! 

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