Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2 – Episode 15


The episode starts with Jia taping Arsal’s torn passport. Arsal is still upset and he should be. He got slapped by his father because of Jia.

Sherry’s role is reduced to promote Oppo F11 Pro.

Shahana and Pari are preparing tiffin for Nageena, Joji and Billo’s train journey. There is a nice banter amongst them.

The guests leave one after the other, and we see glimpse of the tension between Jia and Arsal.

And the continuity problem continues. Seriously, why is Jia’s hair changing in every scene.

Best Moment Of the Episode

Jalal Khan puts dupatta to cover his head as his father calls him on the phone. Hehe!

Shahana to Pari: Tune kyun chehre pe sabzi ki sukan sajayi huyi hai?


Happy watching! 

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