Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2 – Episode 24


The episode begins with Jia complaining about Arsal to Huma. It portrays Arsal like a villain. I mean, why nobody asks Jia why she has given a notice to Arsal?

The second and best scene of the episode is the fight between Arsal and Shahana.

The scene between Bi Jaan and Agha Ji is so cute. Bi Jaan has lost the golden kade Agha Ji had gifted her. She suspects Nageena but Agha Ji defends Nageena vehemently.

Meetho is upset that Maina is not talking to him. Pari promises him that she will fix the situations. I am surprised how Arjumand manages to keep her eyebrows arched all the time. Jalal continues to flirt with Pari.

DJ makes another video and blackmails Maina and Meetho to pretend as his parents to get the report card from his school. But how would the delicate Maina and not-so-old Meetho look like they have a kid like DJ? They put on glasses. But, of course, they are caught. Meetho rats out again and DJ is getting beaten up with a stick.

By the way, golden kade are safe with Naeema.

I applaud that Shahana favours Jia and treats her as daughter, not daughter-in-law. But Arsal is leaving the house now. I mean there is no balance. Bi Jaan praises Pari for how she has raised Meetho.

The romance has disappeared from the series but the comedy is still intact. For instance, this episode had plenty – Yasir and Arsal’s talk, DJ’s beating, DJ’s drama to get back his cellphone.

This episode has the first complete stanza in female voice. It sounds great!

What did you guys think of this episode?

Happy watching! 

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