Book Review: Alif – Episode #11 (By Umera Ahmed)

The 11th episode is released on 29th May, 2019. It is 38 pages long. You can find the link to read online below. I would still request you to read the review, and leave comments. That’s what I get in return.

Here goes.


The episode starts with yet another letter, from Qalb-eMomin to Allah. What a heartwarming letter it is! Momin talks about his new life and asks for new wishes, even bribing a little by promising to make a nice card if his wishes are granted.

The shooting for the movie has begun and Momina looks breathtakingly beautiful. REaders cannot see it, but can visualize from the rich experience. Momin still does not know that Momina knows his real story. That’s something that makes him curious – why doesn’t she ask about his mother?

Momina gifts the 7 paintings to Master Ibrahim and he, in turn, suggests that she returns the paintings to the rightful owner. Momina tells Momin the reason she has returned the paintings. That sparks another curiosity in Momin’s head – who is Momina’s teacher and why did he return the paintings?

The heart of this episode is ‘The relation of Allah and insaan’.


The narration of the movie reaches the point where Momin talks about Sultan – his side of story and Momina confronts her with the other side of the story. Momin gets upset and leaves office, disconnecting from the world for a day. He is still clueless how Momina knows so much.

Momina hears the next part of the story from Sultan and it has a majot twist. You will need to read the episode. I don’t want to spoil it.

The episode ends and the reader is left breathless, with another month of wait.


Love is blind and love is deaf and love makes us dumb – incapable to hear and incapable of thinking straight.

Momina falls in love with Momin, despite their differences and their bitter past. She herself calls her Husn-e-Jehan, the woman who loved and got her heart broken.

Would Momina have the same fate? We have known Umaira and she doesn’t favour ‘happily ever after’ ends. One will not know until the last episode, I guess.


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