Yeh Toh Hona Hi Thha: Sample Chapters (Hindi)

Sharing sample chapter from my book “Yeh Toh Hona Hi Thha”. For reading the complete novella, buy it from Amazon.

Fun Facts About Me #14

I don’t love my writing. I like it, but the final product that I publish isn’t perfect. If I try to refine it, I will keep working on the same story forever. P.S. I start at least one new draft with a new idea every day.

Crooning Techies: Sample Chapters

Sharing sample chapters from my book “Maybe, Someday”. It is a sweet and clean romance novella. For reading the complete novella, you can buy it from Amazon.

Fun Facts About Me #13

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami. These are the five tastes and people generally have a strong liking towards one. Mine is crispy. Anything crispy is my weakness. Be it jalebi or chips.

Baton Baton Mein: Sample Chapters

Sharing sample chapters from my book “Baton Baton Mein”. It is a A May-December Love Story that highlights problems that teenagers face. It is a clean and sweet romance with no profanity or sexual content. For reading the complete novella, buy it from Amazon.

Favourite Poetry #5: Judai #3 ((Hindi)

बेबसी होती ना हमसर को झुकाए होते आप आए थे मगर काश ना आए होते संग-बारी का अगर हमको ना ख़दशा होता हमने शीशे के मकानात बनाए होते

Favourite Poetry #5: Judai #3 ((Urdu)

بے بسی ہوتی نہ ہم سر کو جھکائے ہوتے آپ آئے تھے مگر کاش نہ آئے ہوتے سنگ باری کا اگر ہم کو نہ خدشہ ہوتا ہم نے شیشے کے مکانات بنائے ہوتے

5 Reasons to watch Alif Drama (Geo TV)

I am looking forward to watching Alif Drama (Geo TV). It is written by Umera Ahmed. The novel is already published in April 2019 and is immensely popular amongst Urdu readers. I prefer not to watch the screen adaptation of a book. It is generally very loosely based on the original story and often the…

Book Giveaway: MAYBE, SOMEDAY (Happily Ever Afters #8)

  Giveaway: I turned a year older on July 29 and I decided to announce a giveaway. I am running a free promotion on Amazon (July 29 and July 30) for my latest novella in happily ever after series – Maybe Someday. It is free on all the Amazon sites. If you know how to…

Fun Facts About Me – Blog Post Series

(29th July) I turn a year older today. I am going to take a bold step and share fun facts about me. Let the worlds of me and the other me overlap. I hope to post every Monday. Let’s see how many facts I have got 😉 Not bragging, but just so you know, I…

Book Review: Alif – Episode #12 (Finale) (By Umera Ahmed)

The 12th and final episode is out. It is 29 pages long. I have included the link to read the episode online at the end of this post. Summary The episode is generally about tying the loose ends and there are some revelations. Don’t worry, I am not going to spoil the story for you….