Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2 – Episode 28


Today’s episode was fun, after a long time. Daarji and Moray, Maina’s grandfather and mother respectively, visit Karachi.

Daarji is quite an item. He flirts openly with Bi Jaan, making Agha Ji uncomfortable and jealous. At one point, Bi Jaan announces that Agha Ji is her kids’ elder uncle. The subtle rivalry between Agha Ji and Daarji adds to the humorous situation of Jalal’s fake sickness. Shahana’s running commentary on burqa is spontaneous and witty. However, it means that there are two loud men now. Allah bachaye.

Yasir, Arsal’s friend, suggests that they try the jealousy angle where he would pretend to be a girl named “Yusra”. It gets to Jia. We know that the truth will be uncovered soon, but it was fun while it happened.

What did you guys think of this episode?

Happy watching! 

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