Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2 – Episode 29


The episode opens with a hospital scene. Later, Maina asks Meetho to forget her and she cannot go against Daarji’s will. Arsal and Jia have a heart to heart conversation without getting loud, which was a surprise.
Best moment was when Agha Ji brought up a valid point – if Dariya Khan and Jalal Khan continue to flirt and Maina continues to carry her burqa, all the women will start parda. Shahana brings tea with her white dupatta wrapped as a hijab.

I like how Bi Jaan blushes everytime she talks to Dariya Khan, making Agha Ji jealous. Kudos to Sameena Ahmed.
Arsal continues to play the Yusra card until the most expected cliché scene – he is hospitalised. Although the writer has stayed away from the overused accident shit and Arsal gets an electric shock instead while heroically trying to save Jia. Awnnn…
By the way, Jia does find out about Yasir pretending to be Yusra.
Agha Ji gets tired of Dariya Khan and his flirting with Bi Jaan and decides to go back to UK.
Let’s wait for the finale episode.

Oh, why and how did Meetho suddenly start wearing shirt and jeans instead of salwar kameez?

What did you guys think of this episode?

Happy watching!