Favourite Poetry: #4


خضرِ منزل اپنا ہوں اپنی راہ چلتا ہوں

میرے حال پر دنیا کیا سمجھ کے ہنستی ہے


खिज़्र-ए-मंज़िल अपना हूं अपनी राह चलता हूं

मेरे हाल पर दुनिया क्या समझ के हंसती है


Khizr-e-Manzil Apna Hoon Apni Raah Chalta Hoon

Mere Haal Par Duniya Kya Samajh Ke Hansti Hai

My Attempt at English Translation

I’m my own guide for the destination

Why does the world laugh at me

Why I Like It

I have been a recluse and misunderstood person all my life. When I heard this couplet for the first time in ninth grade, it touched my heart. I felt grateful to the poet who had described such beautiful and true feelings so precisely.

Happy Blogging!

Shabana Mukhtar

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