Favourite Poetry: #5


زندگی ہم سے ترے ناز اٹھائے نہ گئے
سانس لینے کی فقط رسم ادا کرتے تھے


ज़िंदगी हमसे तिरे नाज़ उठाए ना गए
सांस लेने की फ़क़त रस्म अदा करते थे


Zindagi Hum Se Tere Naaz Uthaye Na Gaye

Saans Lene Ki Faqat Rasm Adaa Karte Thhey

My Attempt at English Translation

Life, I cannot deal with your tantrums
Breathing was only a ritual that I offered

Why I like it

Life is a constant battle. Living life is an art. When there is a feeling of losing against life, this couplet comes to my mind. Strangely, it gives me strength to keep going.

Happy Blogging!

Shabana Mukhtar

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