Favourite Poetry: #6


ترے وعدے پہ جیے ہم تو یہ جان جھوٹ جانا
کہ خوشی سے مر نہ جاتے اگر اعتبار ہوتا


तिरे वाअदे पे जिए हम तो ये जान झूट जाना
कि ख़ुशी से मर ना जाते अगर एतबार होता


tire va.ade par jiye ham to ye jaan jhuuT jaanā

ki ḳhushī se mar na jaate agar e’tibār hotā

My Attempt at English Translation

I lived on your promise which was a lie
If I had trusted you, I would have died

Why I like it

It is so aptly defines the false promises one makes – be it the politicians (doh), our bosses (they are like politicians in a local environment) or just friends and family.

I think this couplet reminds us to face the bitter reality and teaches us to not trust.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are people who can be trusted. Just be cautious, is all I am saying.

Happy Blogging!

Shabana Mukhtar