Impatience is a virtue

This week a friend of mine asked if he could borrow my treadmill.

Wait. That was a horrible start.

I have a 4-in-1 manual treadmill. No, I am not linking to any website, as I don’t do affiliate marketing (yet). I used it regularly for first two months. Then scarcely for next couple of months. Then once in a blue moon… Long story short, it is occupying a 6×4 feet area in my living room and gathering dust. It serves as a laundry bag now. A laundry stand that cost ten thousand rupees.

The said friend, is the only person who knows about it. If anybody else knew I have a treadmill at home, they will probably just scan me from head to toe and laugh. I would need to explain that I don’t use it… You get the gist. Ssshhh.

Last week, as we ate lunch, he started the conversation.

“Are you using your treadmill?”

“You think?”

“I was thinking of buying one myself. You are not using it, and never would, if I may add. I was wondering if I could borrow it.”

“Sure. when?”

His manager joined us for lunch and we changed the topic to more formal discussions.

I started making plans for putting that corner of living room to some better use. That is, a sewing machine. I have always wanted a sewing machine. I told mom about this. She seemed to be happy that I am getting rid of the elephant in the house (she named the treadmill that). But when I reached the sewing machine bit of the plan, she hung up, to convey her disapproval and disappointment.

Yeah. She is not happy with my impulsive buying habits.

Now, I am reminding him ten times a day to just take it away. I also bribed him to treat him with pizza if he does that sooner rather than later. Okay, not just reminding, more like “pestering”.

Which brings me to the this blogpost. Have you guys observed the driving manners of people? People honk. People switch lanes. People drive too close to other vehicles and other people (you are  better off if you’re inside a vehicle, I am sure you must realize that). Today, nobody has patience. We want everything, and NOW. What’s worse, everyone feels that only “I” should get it NOW, others can wait.

Gone are the days when people believed in “Patience is a virtue“.

Alright. Its Monday already. Get to work!

Shabana Mukhtar

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