Navratri – Festive Celebrations at Work

Ahem. Time for another peek into my life as a software professional. I am getting bolder by the day, aren’t I? (A pat on my back for being brave, ehehehe)

Those in India or from India or know about India, would know that Navratri (nine nights) is being celebrated these days. Each day is assigned a color, and there is song and dance – like we need any reason to do that 😉

Today, our department decided to do celebrate it together, as one team.

A contribution of a hundred rupees was collected from all of us.

Pssst. I would have liked to use that money to purchase more books instead, sigh!

But I had to be a good sport, so I gave the money.

We were also asked to dress in red – that was the color of the day. I hate that color, but I had one tunic sitting in my wardrobe for two years. The time had come to put that to use. I paired with pink trousers and pink stole.

When I reached my desk, there was a card, which asked me – “Who Am I?”

Ah, what a question! I was about to get all philosophical, then bitter and I came up with this.

Some things are better left unsaid. Some people are better left unknown.

But then I remembered it is supposed to be a fun event. Nobody cares who I really am.

I thought for a couple of minutes, then filled the entire card with my office handwriting. Yes, I have many versions of handwriting. Below, you will witness specimen of the two versions of office handwriting.

Yes, I have a Dell system at office
No white space left


If you are not good at reading bad handwritings, I will make it easy.

Write something:

This is going to be difficult, very difficult. No, I don’t shy away from talking about myself. I can do that for hours, believe you me. My dilemma is to fit it in this tiny little card. So, I am just rambling, cuz that’s the best answer when you have no clue. Ha Haa Haaa.

Anything that best describes you:

Ahnnn. Let me think. A whole bunch of adjectives come to my mind, or titles that people have bestowed upon me – not necessarily the ones I agree with. For me, I am “REAL”.


Guess me if you can


That is NOT a caterpillar in the middle. That was my attempt of drawing a little something. I am not sure what it is 😛

The event turned out to be surprisingly fun. Or perhaps I had low expectations. Icecream and snacks were arranged for the team. The ‘Who Am I’ cards were read out and the rest of the department was asked to guess. Mine was the toughest to guess. <Evil laugh>

Do you have any fun moments to share about your workplace?

Thanks for reading.


P.S. I want to take a moment and thank every visitor on my blog. Your time is appreciated 🙂