Tips to replenish your wardrobe at zero cost

I ain’t much into fashion.

I wear what I’m comfortable with. I still replenish my wardrobe every six months. I don’t shop from malls anymore. I stopped about four years ago. Even branded clothes are easily affordable nowadays and people look like clones – wearing the similar outfit; sporting the similar hairstyles; showing off similar physique; and even behaving the same manner. There is nothing unique about them.

I am not saying I am unique. I am just saying I don’t like to be one of them. I am a woman. And like others of my species, I like dresses and shoes just as much. How do I replenish my wardrobe, then?

I have an interesting story.

I focus on the three Cs – Comfort, Cost, and Convenience.

The dresses I wear should be comfortable. I shouldn’t need to adjust it every now and then; or be mindful of it when I lean over; or draw unwanted attention towards me. That means no plunging necklines, no paper think fabric, no short sleeves, no cold shoulders.

The second factor is cost. My mum says

Mehenga roye ek baar, sasta roye baar baar

The one who buys expensive hurts once, and the one going for cheaper alternatives pains and pays repeatedly.

But I don’t much care. I don’t believe in splurging too much on clothes. I recycle every six months anyway. I make sure that it shouldbe economic, not cheap.

The last, and the most important factor is convenience. How do I get new clothes?

Do I visit malls, walk from one shop to other, and get what I want? Not anymore.

Do I sit in my chair or lie in my bed and quietly order from one of the many e-tailer sites? Rarely. Once in a year or so.

Do I have someone else to do shopping for me? Off course not.

Whenever I visit home, I open the wardrobe of my mom, and then my sister’s, and then my other sister’s. I take out anything and everything I like. I try it, alter it if need be and that becomes mine.

Simple and efficient. Aren’t I? 😀

How do you do it? Do you raid your siblings’ wardrobe?



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