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Excursion of a born philanthropist, determined to fill the void in uniform distribution of education in her community, without the bounds of finances. Zimal faces multiple obstacle in her virtuous way, from personal wounds to feudal establishment, everything seems to diverge her astray. Written by Kashif Anwer, directed by Shehzad Kashmiri and produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions, the cast of Neem includes, Syed Jibran, Mawra Hussain, Arslan Naseer, Hani Taha, Maryam Nafees, Shamyl Khan, Ameer Gilani, Adeel Khan, Ismat Zaidi, Alamdar Khan, Areeba Tirmizi, Tahira Shahzad, Yousuf Bashir Qureshi & Others. Watch Neem starting only on HUM TV.

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Written by Kashif Anwar
Directed by ShahzadKashmiri.
A Project by Momina Duraid Productions.

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Neem Episode 7 Written Update and Review

Assalam alaikum, logoN!

Alrighty, I’m back with Neem’s review.

Yeh MoajzoN ka mausam nahiN

Jaise bhi hoN nibha lete haiN

Cruel Karamat

Karamat’s back isn’t well (#relatable). Jameel, as ever, is being super-chaploos. He reminds Karamat of his old wound.

Jameel: Bhai jaan, you should remarry, you needs a heir to you throne.

Generally, Karamat entertains this shit, but this time, though, Karamat scolds Jameel and asks him to leave.

Haye, bara dard thha Jameel ki ankhon mein. I have a feeling that he would stab Karamat in the back, and Karamat will be like: Et tu, Brute? If this predication comes true, I’m going to treat myself with a large dairy milk, silk, roasted almond. If you want one, comment here.


Karamat’s wife asks Karamat to take them to the new house. But he refuses, outright. And it also gives Karamat a reason to abuse his wife.

Karamat: Why didn’t you give me a heir?

Arey bhai… Maaro mujhe maaro… How long are we going to hear this?

Lovelorn Arshad

Arshad is trying to find his foothold in a new country.

What’s the first thing he does? Arshad gets a haircut. Looks nice, though.

Faisal, the pro in nakaam aashiqui.

Iss tarah bhi hona thha
hum ne tum ko khona thha
bhar k tum ko bahon mein
ashk ashk rona thha
Iss tarah bhi hona thha

Arshad makes fun of Faisal’s shayeri and that was so funny, even though it was just for a moment. These dudes are doing well.

We meet another character, Faisal’s friend Benny who runs a store. Now, Arshad has a job, too. Lucky chap!
By the way, I would have loved if Faisal turned out to be an evil guy and dupes Arshad or something…

PS: I like Faisal. And his accent. Bhai waah!

Arshad starts working. I was so surprised to hear him speak English fluently. I thought he would stutter the way he does  when he speaks in Urdu. Come to think of it, ab woh haklata nahin hai?

Arshad gets another job for Zahid bhai, another acquaintance of Faisal, gives another job to Arshad. Kitna paise kamayega re tu?

Woh kya kaha thha shayar ne?

Main kahan rukta hoon arsh-o-farsh ki awaz se
Mujh ko jaana hai bahot uncha had-e-parwaz se

Zimal and Maryam

Zimal notices that a teacher is being super-rude to kids. She talks to a colleague, and learns the backstory.

The rude teacher is Maryam, who was married to a guy against his will, and he left for abroad (I guess Dubai?) leaving a talaqnama on the table. Now, since our dear Zimal is like:

Khanjar chaley kisi pe taRapte haiN hum Ameer

Saare jahaN ka dard hamare jigar meiN hai

(On a side note: jigar maaN baRi aag hai)

So. she tries to strike upon a conversation with Maryam. Zimal is extremely polite and tactful as she broached the subject, but Maryam flips out.

Maryam: Gossip chahiye? (Chal bhaag yahaN se)

I guess Zimal has another project in her mission-mission Maryam.

Then, Zimal’s Bhai and Bhabhi are all set to go to Canada and visit Zimal. Emotional scene… Mawra was superb in that scene, and I lvoed the way

But, as we expect, Zimal is not done with Maryam. She talks to Maryam again.

Zimal: My problem is that I can’t stop thinking about your problem

Maryam finally relents and talks to Zimal.

Zimal: Get a grip of yourself and be nice to kids, ya?

That’s more or less the summary of a five minutes long scene. Aur bas phir, ho gayi dosti. Zimal also asks Maryam to join the street school.

Zimal and Maryam are bonding. Maryam has a long sob story and a lot of complaints, but Zimal explains how everything is from Allah and to Allah, it will return. Zimal’s positivity is rubbing on me. This drama is important for me, on a personal level.

But then Maryam’s rant gets a bit too much, and Zimal’s monologues become too preachy. These scenes kinda feel “forced”. Also, when Shazil meets Maryam, there was a spark in the air, almost as if Maryam likes Shazil. Now, it’s far fetched theory but hear me out. Zimal being the anthropologist, would she force Shazil to marry Maryam?


Zimal and her family

Shazil’s bhabhi is quite a drama queen. Zara si tabiyat kharab pe she makes so much fuss. Then, she’s hospitalized. While she’s in pain and all, she pesters Zimal, NON-STOP, to get herself checked. I was like, bhabhi ji, kya karri ho?

But there’s a bad news-Zimal can’t conceive. Oops!

Hey, we all saw it coming. Zimal’s life was almost perfect. Something had to break our heart, right?


Now, we wait for the next week for the next episode.

That’s my take on latest episode of Neem. How did others feel about it?


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