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Excursion of a born philanthropist, determined to fill the void in uniform distribution of education in her community, without the bounds of finances. Zimal faces multiple obstacle in her virtuous way, from personal wounds to feudal establishment, everything seems to diverge her astray. Written by Kashif Anwer, directed by Shehzad Kashmiri and produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions, the cast of Neem includes, Syed Jibran, Mawra Hussain, Arslan Naseer, Hani Taha, Maryam Nafees, Shamyl Khan, Ameer Gilani, Adeel Khan, Ismat Zaidi, Alamdar Khan, Areeba Tirmizi, Tahira Shahzad, Yousuf Bashir Qureshi & Others. Watch Neem starting only on HUM TV.

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Written by Kashif Anwar
Directed by ShahzadKashmiri.
A Project by Momina Duraid Productions.

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Neem Episode 8 Written Update and Review

Assalam alaikum, logoN!

Alrighty, I’m back with Neem’s review.

I watch Arsalan’s video on India vs Pakistan match and then I watched this episode. Honestly, I enjoy Arsalan’s videos more than his acting, but he has improved a lot, A LOT.

Okay, so back to the show.

Cruel Karamat

Karamat meets a lawyer who is shewd who suggests making fake papers with father’s signature and thumb impression. (Un)fortunately, Karamat has arranged it already in his youth. Bada hi wakhra banda hai re yeh toh.

PS: Jibran looked so funny in his young version, chhila hua murgha type. Hehe.

I didn’t understand why Karamat suddenly stopped talking to Jameel and started treating him like a rug? Jameel is still being “your most obedient”

Lovelorn Arshad

Arshad is doing well in her job, making his boss proud. And then we also see him at a club. Abey? He also seems interested in alcohol. Faisal suggests a paper marriage.

Kya ho raha hai…

Faisal even has a girl in mind for Arshad’s paper marriage. Our hero is against it, though. He wants to go back to Pakistan to renew his visa. I guess it works for the best because back home, Amma ko cancer hai (tch!)

Zimal and Shazil

Zimal learns the truth from the doctor. Her slow walk from fdoctor’s office to street and to her house… And then how she breaks the news to Shazil. Who is chopping the onion re? Mawra and Arsalan, both were so subtle and so on-point with their performance.

Shazil suggests taking a second opinion But even that doctor is helpless. I liked the doctor’s portrayal. She was so soft spoken and kind, like a mother. Few gynaecologists are like that.

The tables have turned now. Zimal is depressed but Maryam has turned into a sunny positive person. Zimal finally tells Maryam. Maryam is saddened by the news, and Zimal is, well… she’s already upset.

Zimal has tried to put a positive spin on her situation. Now, she wants to do more for the yaseer kids because she can’t have her own kids. I like her spirit.

Later, at home, she suggests adoption, but Shazil gets upset. And then for the first time, we see a grey side of Shazil.

Shazil: I wouldn’t bring anyone’s home.

The debate gets heated, and Shazil ends up breaking Zimal’s heart. For a good ten seconds, she can’t even believe he just say that. Mawra’s expressions, on-point, and kudos to the director and the editor for showing it for just the right amount of time.

Shazil: Problem tumhara hai, mera nahin.

Did he just say that? Dude, how could you?

This story is so real as shit.

  1. It scares me
  2. and also makes me want to wait for the next week
  3. and watch the next episode
  4. and then cry my eyes


This drama is giving me chills. Now, we wait for the next week for the next episode.

That’s my take on latest episode of Neem. How did others feel about it?


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