Surrounded by a curse

Yep, it’s one of those days. This line has been in my mind for about 3 months now. But I’ve gotten so busy that even talking to myself seems a luxury. Look at the posts in this folder. Last one of 31Dec2015.

Not able to sleep, not able to breathe.
Not able to sleep, not able to breathe.
Not able to sleep, not able to breathe.
How may times can one hear it? Gets irritating I’m sure.
But I live through it, and please don’t say “see a doctor”. It’s a mental sickness. and I don’t want to be called mental.
Wednesday entire night, I couldn’t sleep. As some selfish moron will say, “u should utilize that time to do something positive”, I did. I worked and worked till well past 3 am. and finished whatever was high and medium priority. Still.
Then birds start to chirp, sun starts to rise, and I think “hey, let’s drive to work today”.
Of course not. My eyes are burning and my mind is playing tricks with me, so finally I slept after 7. Yeah, my life is literally upside down.
I got up a little before noon and texted about OOO. The manager who says “no WFH for developers” (WTH) says tasks need to be added on story board. And that I can do that from home. Really? when I am on leave? And can’t your favorite architect-genius who “owned” the bulk edit requirement do that?
Of course, I am such a loser and gut-less, I don’t say it out loud. I decided to come to office. Didn’t reach in time to get first bus back (must reach by 1.28pm so I could leave by 5.28pm, complete 4 hours and still get home in bus).
NOBODY has entered the tasks. I was the first one. Then, without the need, and despite all my protests, one more members is assigned to my story (to reap the benefit of what I do, and my director says I do nothing).
My shoulder starts to ache and I can’t sit, so I leave. But not before one moron blocks my way for swiping out. I wished him death.
Tried to haul a cab, 3rd one agreed to run by meter. Come shastri nagar corner, and running auto gets a “broken-wire” and still runs till Yeraweda. Crossed the road, thinking these are probably my last moments. Traffic on that corner is crazy. Get a 6-seater to reach home.
Hungry but not liking what I eat. Sleepy but not able to sleep. Angry but not able to shout.
I dozed off something before mid-night and mid-night crackers stared to fire. Happy death-anniversary Shivaji. U died. But you left a herd of uncontrolled, stupid, inconsiderate asses behind. They would celebrate your death after like 400 years and not think about people who’re alive, and trying to sleep.
Still not able to breathe. It is really the time to quit. If only I had another source of income. If only!!!

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