Book Announcement: Tales of Software Engineers

What’s the opposite of ‘writers block’?

I have been through the phase where I just can’t come up with anything. No ideas, no words, not even the passion to write.

And then there is this phase where I’m swamped with ideas. Too many of them. And I don’t have enough time to work on those. I have a full time job as well, remember?
Crooning Techies:


As I repeatedly mention, the first ever story that o started to type with an intention to have it published was back in 2014. I had to dump it soon, owing to my pressing work commitments. I worked on it though (like once a year). By the end of 2017, I had a 40k first draft.

Then I started working on smaller lighter novellas and short stories; most of those are still in progress.

The said novel, my first novel, has a theme of IT professionals, obviously. When I started, I researched a bit and found that there are NO books on lives of software engineers, except one. I decided to work on that theme. And every time I googled again, I came across a new title in that genre. One of them is really good. Two of them are okay and the first find is downright stupid.

But none of them cover the software engineers the way I intended and anyway, as the saying goes

There is nothing new under the sun.

I continued to work.

And now I am sick of it.

Then I thought, true to my software professional self; hey, why not go agile way? I would publish one episode every month. I hope to get reader’s feedback and then continue to evolve the story based on my draft and user feedback.

The first episode is out. It has first three chapters. The cover is temporary. And the journey has just begun.


Sara is a newbie in the corporate world. She is a naïve young lady. Heartbroken, betrayed, and burning desire to prove herself, she is ever so restless.

To fulfill her passion for being famous and popular she decided to participate in a reality show, against all odds by her family and her three besties Maliha, Sabeen and Hamna.

These four are as different as can be. They do have a few things in common. Information technology as a career, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., brilliant academic record, a love for books, a liking for soulful music with meaningful lyrics, and a shared disgust towards society’s double standard for a daughter and daughter in law.

These four girls come from the middle-class family background. with a dream to make it big; in terms of money and a good reputation at their job. They did not know that things work differently in the corporate world. Unlike college, a mere talent does not suffice. Despite what they are taught, hard work is a quality that is looked down upon. And dedication has no value. How do they survive the pressure of staying atop of the fierce competition?
Read on to find the journey of these four fierce girls. And decide for yourself, to IT or not to IT.

What do you guys think about my idea? Does it have any merit and novelty? All comments are welcome, but I prefer emails 🙂

Happy Reading!

Shabana Mukhtar

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