Sabaat | Episode 10


The weekend comes to an end, just like that. Alright, let’s begin the review of the latest episode of Sabaat. It aired on June 7, 2020.

Please read about the cast and characters before you read the review. Previous episodes’ reviews can be found here.

Plot Summary & Commentary

Mawra is so prettyyyyy.

The wedding cards are printed and Hassan forces to meet her. The scene is cute and romantic. Question: are they wearing the same dress they wore when they last met in college?

Another bunch of cards also arrive at the house and Meeral loses it. Sara screams like her life depends on it. For the first time in this drama, I thought someone has “overdone it.

To avenge this, she decides to marry Ali the next day, without letting anyone know. Would Ali step up for this difficult “forced” marriage? I doubt it. I know it. How else would Usman Mukhtar come into play. Haha!

Ali escapes, not just the house, the country. Haha! Ali’s mother is also a not-so-great by the way. I like that even for one scene, the lawyer is Lal Khan from Ehd-e-Wafa. I am forgetting his name.

Anaya’s father parts words of wisdom and Mrs Fareed also requests Hassan to be nice to Mr Fareed. Why can’t Mr Fareed be nice to him? He does, but he has a condition: that Hassan joins his office. Meeral comes home then, rang mein bhang dalne. Argh!

Tumhari shadi to kya janaze par bhi nahin aaungi. (I won’t even come to your funeral.)

She forces Nimra to stay with her. Nani’s voice scares her again that Anaya would come to her house to make her jealous. Has anyone noticed that Nani only gives her more reasons to be angry?

Atif the perpetual mukhbir tells Yasir about Hassan’s love marriage and also blurts everything else that he knows. This dude needs to learn to keep information to himself.

I wonder how Yasir is going to ruin this wedding. Let’s wait for next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar

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