Sabaat | Episode 16


Alright, let’s begin the review of the latest episode of Sabaat. It aired on July 19, 2020.

Fareed has planned it all out – torture Anaya so much that she’d leave the house. Mrs Fareed tries to reason with him; failing which she suggests Hassan should leave instead.


Meeral is enjoying her victory that Anaya is leaving the house. She taunts Hassan, who’s already fuming with anger. She even attempts to attack him, throws her laptop at him.


Fareed still sides with Meeral. He has the audacity of taunting Hassan: “You didn’t even ask for my permission.” Wow!

I will be honest. So far, I had hoped that Meeral’s character will have a redemption arc. But, now, no matter what happens; I will never like her. There is a point of being mean. Meeral has crossed it.

To bring Hassan back, Meeral hires her best asset – Atif; and she lures him by offering a good job in her own company.

Now, Hassan and Anaya would begin their real journey. Hassan begins house hunting. Being a privileged kid, he doesn’t even know the process of renting a house. From making grocery list to applying for jobs, Anaya and Hassan do everything together. They are life partners in truest sense.

The episode ends as Anaya heads out for a job interview. They look so cute together and their relationship is depicted really well – real and relatable. I mean, I know how one feels when looking for a job.

By the way, Mawra’s voice sounded different in a few scenes, especially the one when Hassan tells her that he doesn’t have savings to pay for deposit. Who has done the dubbing for her?

Looking forward to the next episode. This is currently my favourite drama. Pyar Ke Sadqay has lost the crown to Sabaat. Haha!

Shabana Mukhtar

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