Sabaat | Episode 20


Alright, let’s begin the review of the latest episode of Sabaat (episode 20). It aired on August 23, 2020.

Meeral is still stuck on Haaris’ female patients. There is limit to being stupid. I don’t say this for the jealousy angle alone. Haaris suggests they should plan a family but Meeral in turn asks him to leave his psychiatrist practice and join his construction business. Wow! The couple fights at the night and then fight in the morning, and again and again.

Sana, the office titli assigns some work to Atif and Hassan and both refuse to help her. She reports them, and Yasir promotes her to be their boss. On the other hand, Anaya is promoted to assistant engineer. The problem? Atif tells Hassan that all promotions are because women give undue favours to their bosses in exchange for the promotion. What the? How could he say that?

Atif’s words ring in Hassan’s ears and the celebrations are ruined. This is how Hassan celebrates.

He doesn’t stop at that. He lies about Jehangir being loose character. Woah! I didn’t see this coming. This in turn means the same applies to Anaya, right? Uff!

Hassan as upset AF, Anaya is tired so they decide to eat at their parents. I think now Anaya will know about Aziz’s ailment.

Or not. Aziz is quick to hide his medicines and his feelings and his tears. Mohammad Ahmed does a fine job.

Finally, Atif confronts Hassan and speaks poisonous things about Anaya, insults Hassan and his circumstances.

Why is there no grandma angle anymore? There is, Meeral uses it as an excuse to emotionally blackmail Haaris into leaving the clinic. Kudos to Osman Mukhtar for those subtle expressions.

Wouldn’t Meeral learn her lesson, ever?

Fatima calls Anaya to wish her for her birthday. Hassan suspects her but doesn’t talk. He takes the day off and she thinks he’s planning a birthday bash; he thinks she doesn’t care about him and she expects a surprise.

There will be a surprise, a bad know, though.

Shabana Mukhtar

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