Sabaat | Episode 6


Please read about the cast and characters before you read the review. Previous episodes’ reviews can be found here.

Alright, let’s begin the review of the latest episode of Sabaat.

Plot Summary & My Commentary

This episode begins as Anaya’s friends make a surprise visit. Muneeba’s boyfriend Shakeel is blackmailing her and Anaya has a new challenge – fix Muneeba’s situation. She talks to Shakeel and plans to meet him with her gang. I love her confidence.

Hassan refuses to help Atif get a job – don’t seek support in your earliest struggles of life. Atta boy! Atif is a concerned friend but should he really speak ill of Anaya? He shouldn’t.

Meeral hallucinates about Nani again, and heads straight to Hassan’s room. She talks rubbish about Anaya, asks him to forget her and eventually threatens him. Hassan Fareed versus Meeral Fareed, which side are you on?

The girl gang meets Shakeel and as it happens in fiction, Hassan spots Anaya’s car and follows her. So the hero will witness heroine’s bravado. Interesting! Our heroine drives, love it! Anaya records Shakeel’s confessions but he has a gun. Hassan interferes and gets shot. Of course, it is a police case. But the girls convince the doctor to treat him.

The ride home is cute and romantic. They look good together and are so decent.

I cannot wait for the next episode.

Who has written this drama? I love the details; and grandmother’s diary is so beautifully written. This is fast becoming my second favourite drama (the best one is still Pyar Ke Sadqay).

Shabana Mukhtar

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