Book Review | GUARD KA AGHWA | Jasoosi Duniya #73 | Ibn-e-Safi

Guard ka AGHwa (گارڈ کا اغوا) (The Abduction of Guard) – 1958

The story starts as a train fails to stop at the station and one of the bogy gets disconnected and disappears alongwith the guard.
And thus begins the story. There was description than jasoosi in this story, if you know what I mean. We don’t see Hameed doing much investigation but the case sort of solves itself and Faridi does make his cameo appearance towards the end. 
This is one of those rare stories in jasoosi duniya series where Hameed deals with a case almost entirely on his own. Those who are misled by his jovial nature often think that he is useless. He isn’t. In this case he works solo and is in his element. He’s funny, he’s quirky and doesn’t fail to entertain from start to end. 


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PS: Review based on vague memories. If you think I have misquoted anything, write the review and share the link. Peace out!

Shabana Mukhtar