Book Review: Haalim – Episode #19 (By Nemrah Ahmed)

Wait till the noise dies down.

  • My takeaway from the episode

Episode 19 was uploaded on the author’s FB page on Feb 9.

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This episode was sufficiently long and went back and forth in time 3-4 times. The time swing was 2-4 days at first and then…

The episode began when Talia is at Fateh’s and Asra is dead. Fateh asks her to leave, telepathically I mean. She grabs her go to bag and runs. While informing Datin about her current situation, she cons the cops ONCE AGAIN.

Then she meets Zulkifli, her mentor and her local guardian in a way. There is a series of shocking revelations about Asra and her doings. Fateh is defending Talia but also hopes she surrenders. Talia and surrender? Yeah, right!

All three of them face an eventful week. Talia is being bashed by the media. Fateh is being criticized for his silence on the matter. Adam is being attacked repeatedly. Heartbroken and/or determined to fix the situation, the three of them gather in Malaka, again. Talia plays a con game again. Read the episode to find out more.

Don’t want to ruin it for the readers, but Fateh chooses Talia this time.

My favourite part of the episode was the story where Fateh tells his secretary Carmen a story. A story, which teaches to wait till the noise dies down. Liked it.

I love the narration skills by Nemrah. She totally creates a story to make you believe in something and the real course of action / reason is 180 degrees apart. I didn’t believe for a second that Talia will commit suicide. I didn’t, however, thought that Adam would be the one who’s sick.

I also have a question. I noticed a while back that the author’s page is running a BTS about how the book is getting ready. The book is also ready for pre-order. But the episodes aren’t. So, are we having two volumes of the book?

What’s your take on this episode?

Happy reading!