Book Review: “Yaaram” By Sumaira Hameed


Sometime in 2016, I was addicted to reading all the digests that were published in Pakistan. For us non-Pakistanis, the paksociety website was and is, the treasure – a place where you get most of all Urdu Novels and Digests.

The website displays most trending books on the top – and there were only that I hadn’t read. Yaaram was one.

I got sick of seeing the same books again and again. Why does it bother me? It just does. Perhaps a tiny part of me didn’t like the fact that there were something trending I didn’t know.

I decided to read it, but sought advice from my sister – she is more trendy than I am in terms of novel-reading.

I started the conversation, “Listen, I see these trending books on paksociety and there is one…”

“Yaaram by Sumaira Hameed, you must read it.” she interrupted me. “And call me when you are done. I so want to discuss it with you.”

Wow, I must read it.


A perfect book that took me to Manchester. I felt like it is my journey too.

There is intense love, there is pain, there is adventure. But most of all there is friendship, and there are so many, so many hilarious moments.

This story is not just about Amaraha and Aliyan. There is Vera, Margaret, Lady Mehr, Sai, and Carl. Oh, my dear Carl. He was the most hatable character in some part and charmingly becomes the favorite one.

Other characters stand out as well. The characters are defined with such depth that I felt I am actually living with them.

The college and life at campus is probably one of the best and most hilarious depictions of college life I have read. It takes you there. From the confused students on day one; to the near-crazy around exam time; and the challenges and bets that Carl sets up for and with everyone.

Of all the painful moments in the book (and there are a lot); I loved how Sumaira has depicted Amraha’s pain, of how she misses Aliyaan. There is one part when everybody is out for summer break, and she visits the university, and touches every corner where she has seen Aliyan in past. Love is crazy!

I cried in some parts and laughed out loud in other parts. The book has a balance of fun & entertainment, heart brreaking and gut wrenching moments.

The narration has perfectly modulated pace. It gets fast in the college and campus where not as many emotions are involved. When it gets to Amraha and Aliyaan, it slows down and makes you savour each word, feel each emotion that they go through.

I started re-reading this book, as soon as I finished it. That’s how good it is.
And I would have kept on reading it every now and again, if I hadn’t lost all my library when my phone crashed.

I rate it a solid 5.5 on 5 stars 🙂

Must read.

Happy Reading!

Shabana Mukhtar

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