The week that was: #2

Hello everyone!

This is time for a recap of my week.

This week started with Monday blues, as always. I had a lot of emails to respond to. It took most of my morning.

Most of the rest of the week was spent in fixing two defects. Those defects are random in nature and analyzing the root cause drove me crazy, literally.

And the regular stuff – attending boring meetings, and struggling to fit in more work within the limited hours.

Thank god it’s Friday and I just left office. Looking forward to review the Coke Studio Episode 🙂

I got a request from indie author to review his book. The review will be my next post, hopefully. I am still watching season 2 of Kara Para Ask, but I am losing interest in it. I don’t think I can focus on anything else until I finish the series.

On writing front, I made some progress. I am hoping to finish the third phase of Crooning Techies Novel by this week.

Have a happy weekend 🙂


P.S. I want to take a moment and thank every visitor on my blog. Your time is appreciated 🙂