Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 21

For Cast & Characters and review of previous episodes, please read here. This is roughly 110-115 of Urdu dubbed Emergency Pyar.


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 110)

Seema’s son Ali addresses Sinan as papa. What? Why?

Uzair has messed up the apartment so Zeynep and him fight for the first time.

Sinan leaves the dinner to meet Seema and Ali. The old lady takes good care of Nisan and Abidin. Sweet! She’s Alzheimer’s patient. She doesn’t remember a thing but remembers that she has seen Sinan with Seema and Ali. Abidin names the old lady Amena and comes up with a business plan to sell the doughnuts Amena will make. Brilliant!

Mahek, Sinan’s sister is now with Sonia to kick Nisan out from Sinan’s life. She’s vicious.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 111)

Zeynep has a roommate agreement, much like Sheldon’s – get up early, sleep early, and whatnot. Sonia is now upset with Uzair and her partiality seeps into her profession too as she dismisses Zeynep’s diagnosis. Ali gets serious and Seema brings her to hospital. Will everyone know the truth about Sinan now? Nisan meets Seema and Ali. The unsuspecting bride-to-be praises Ali. Later, Seema tells Sinan to inform Nisan about them. Mahek has become a confidant for Amena and Amena keeps calling her Dahek. Hehe. You will get the joke if you understand Hindi / Urdu. They bond over tea and Amena recognizes Sinan again as the man who meets Seema. Can we just get that mystery out of the way, already? The first half of this drama was a stupid mystery about Nisan. That was resolved abruptly and now this shit about Sinan. Boring…

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 112)

Sonia makes Zeynep her assistant, just to overload her with work and avenge things that she had not even done. Mahek comes to the hospital and meets Seema who immediately remembers Amena’s comment about Seema. Quite a detective. Mahek then sews the seed of doubt and suspicion in Nisan’s head about Sinan’s past. She has also stolen the heirloom ring. Will Mahek eventually find the truth about Sinan and Seema? We will find out in next episode.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 113)

Nisan is surprised that she’s a lucky customer of a dress store. Later, the dapper Sinan in a tuxedo arrives in a limo for a romantic date. I should be impressed and go “awnnn” but no. This couple irritates me. Abidin’s first day’s business has done well. He also has an extension plan, with Melik as a partner. But Amina has switched salt with sugar and the customers are angry. Uzair has made the apartment spotless clean, just to impress Zeynep. When will they know about Seema?

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 114)

Mahek finds a paper with Seema’s name on it. She visits her at her residence. Amina falls sick and Abidin brings her to the hospital. Now he has to make buns himself. Nisan learns that her ring is fake. And the episode ends in her rants. Not really. It ends when Nisan follows Sinan and sees him with Seema. How does she know? Mahek leaves an anonymous letter at her doorstep. Awesome!

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 115)

Zeynep gets an anonymous call giving Uzair’s whereabouts where Zeynep catches him with a girl. He escapes her but runs against time to reach home before Zeynep does. He manages to escape the trouble but how long? Nisan sees Sinan with Seema and Ali. Sad music and cut to overacting as she weeps on her way to Zeynep’s home.


That’s end of episode 21. Three more to go. This series dragged far too long, don’t you think? Shabana Mukhtar