Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 3

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Sinan is upset and we can see his love for Nisan in his eyes. So, how do they handle the situation? They bicker, as they always do. Hameed is distracted. In the meantime, Sinan walks back to take a good run up before he could jump between Nisan and Hameed. The hospital police arrives then, because now things are sorted. So, it is same for every country. The police comes after things are over.

With the jolt, Sinan and Nisan fall over each other. This is third time and this is only third episode. Let’s keep a counter, shall we? Oh, wait. There is another trope – trapped in a room / elevator trope. That’s used twice.

Then, she starts to blabber and Sinan saves her, just as police comes to arrest Haamid.

Sinan and Naina go to the police station for recording their statement. Even there Naina doesn’t stop being annoying. She talks nonsense and poses for the camera ALL THE TIME. Naina threatens him to be upset with Sinan and Sinan is happy. But Naina still talks to him.

Ayela gives her shift to Bazil.

Metin addresses Ayla as Yenge (sister in law) and Berzan blushes everytime. I have a question. Don’t they have more work? Ayla is sending her pictures and Berzan has all the time in the world to admire her pics. Nice!

Mateen the cookie guy is hospitalized. He is a young kid but very sharp.

The woman who flirts with Malik, asks about his salary etc. Melik has his very own stalker.

Murat has no other work except being worried about Noor and fighting with his ex-wife over phone.

Furqan and Kutay the annoying kid are back as furqan flirts with Naina. He pretends to have a chest pain just so he could visit the hospital. We can see it, Sinan can see it but not Nisan because she’s dumb.

Sinan is upset about all the flirting but Naina doesn’t take a clue. Instead, noticing his irritation, she flirts back. What universe is this? Girl, you’re giving him wrong signals.

A magician comes to the hospital and gets hurt. Bazil shows a little trick to him and Ayela is impressed.
Even though he’s hurt, he is determined to do his show for sick kids. So, Bazil offers to do the show for him.

Naina’s birthday so she puts  up loud music to pretend that she’s having fun, while talking to her mother. She brings cake to Sinan’s place to celebrate but Ayela isn’t home.

Sinan finds out that Naina was the princess. Well…well…well… But, dude doesn’t do anything about it. I don’t understand.

Noor had food poisoning and Murat is upset. Noor had recovered and Murat is playing with him when the Noor’s grandfather. He asks Murat to concede and give Noor’s custody to Soniya but Murat refuses.

Berzan and Ayla go out for dinner. Their scene is on.

Malik’s stalker meets him in the bus. Next day, she brings some goodies for him. Confused with everything that is going on, he tells Sinan that Kutay’s father has asked Naina out. Out of jealousy, he calls the kids’ female teacher.

A weird couple arrives at the hospital and the elderly male orders people around. It turns out that he is Captain Fazil Sinan, Dr Sinan’s grandfather. Everyone runs to meet him. Their grandmother’s name is also Ayla. So, every time he looks at Ayla, he gets upset.

He is an Alzheimer patient. He assumes Berzan to be a fellow soldier Shahmeer, Nisan as Sinan’s wife and Noor as Sinan’s daughter.

In this madness, the teacher arrives at the hospital.

Berzan gets him to a room and starts to prepare for ECG etc. Berzan doesn’t have a family so he values their grandfather.

In an attempt to make each other jealous, they go out on date. Seriously? Grow up.

Does it stop there? No.

Nisan follows him to the same restaurant and makes quite a scene with her overacting.
Their dates are ruined and the hotel staff throws them out. Their partners conveniently decide to go with each other instead of being with two stupid doctors. Good choice!

Captain Fazil threatens to shoot Berzan and Ayla.

Trapped – 2
On top of each other – 3


Nisan is one of the most annoying person I have ever read about, or watched on screen. There is Soha in Qismat, who is stupid. But, Nisan breaks all records. She’s clumsy, talks incessantly and

Ajla and Berzan do have a better equation but they spend way too much time together. Is it all really that conveient?

All said and done, Sinan’s smile is enough to make me watch more episodes.

Has anyone watched all 24 episodes? Don’t spoil it for me, but I want to know. Am I wasting my time or this is going to be worth it?

Shabana Mukhtar