Coke Studio Season 9 | Episode 6 | Tera Woh Pyar

The year was 2016 and I had just started binging on YouTube. One thing led to other and I heard this song.

Suni Nahin, Zamaane Ne Teri Meri KahaniyaaN

Both singers had a distinct voice and I fell in love with the song, watching it in loop.

And that, ladies and gentleman, introduced me to Asim Azhar, Momina Mustehsan & the world of Coke Studio.

The song is composed by Shuja Haider, a musical genius. The lyrics have a distinct love-lorn feeling and the music changes ever-so-slightly after every two lines. Momina and Asim’s voice add to the charm of this beautiful ballad.

Shabana Mukhtar