Daasi | Episode 15

Let’s review the 15th episode of Daasi. 

Before you proceed, please read my review of previous episodes. Because, how else would you know the characters? Let’s know them, their backstories and how they are related.


Irma is a writer and she’s researching on music so she seeks help from Aahil. Irma has an accent, and she looks and sounds so different from her Ehd-e-Wafa avatar.

Tauqeer pesters Irma and Rubab pesters Aahil to get to know each other. One thing that I noticed and couldn’t help but point out is the conversation between Tauqeer and Irma. He says, “I like him for you and have informed your parents. Just take a look at it.”

Irma says, “I will take a look at it.”

Wait, does that sound out of place? We, the software developers use that phrase all the time. Whether there is a defect or anything breaking on any of the production environments, we generally say, “I will take a look at it.”

He is a living entity and not at your disposal to look at. How about “I will think about it” OR “I will think about him”? Just saying.

Tauqeer is upset that Aahil has questioned one of his projects. He threatens Rubab. Initially, she tries to reason that Tauqeer is overreacting, which he is, totally. But, for reasons unknown, it bothers Rubab as well. Kyun bhai? Aahil asks the same question, “why does it bother Tauqeer and you?”

But stupid Rubab tells him to ignore it and apologize to Tauqeer. What? Seriously? What? Why?

Sunehri takes Ammi to hospital and Shahabuddin insists to tag along, but Sunehri rudely asks him to back off. It doesn’t go down well with him but the man is perseverant. He steals the money from Sunehri’s purse. What  the hell?

Sunehri cannot pay for the reports and Shahabuddin jumps in like a saviour, paying the bills with her money. Sunehri is suspicious but doesn’t say anything.

By the way, Sunehri’s mother’s name is Khaleda Shaikh.
But when she does ask, his aggressive behaviour quiets her down. I had not expected that from Sunehri. She is supposed to be a very strong girl. Khaleda asks her to apologize to Shahabuddin.

Isn’t that great? Both mothers are forcing to apologize for a mistake they haven’t done.

Aadil informs Aaliya that he has gotten a job in Dubai. So, a devastated Aaliya accepts that she cannot live without him. Then, why did you ruin it between Aahil and Sunehri?

It didn’t stop there. The video she talked about, the one we haven’t seen yet, is actually received by Rubab. And, she is happy with Aaliya. In return, Aaliya makes her promise that she would never let Aahil and Sunehri be together. Why so much hatred?

Whatever that video is, will certainly cause more turbulence in future. Can’t wait to watch the next episode.

I don’t want Sunehri and Shahabuddin to marry, not even for a second. I don’t like such tracks where the protagonist, no matter how annoying, has to marry a lecherous man. My heart stops beating when I read such scenes or watch ’em.

That’s was my take on this episode. Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar