Qismat | Episode 17 | Waleed overhears the truth. Would Soha choose him now?

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The episode begins as Asiya is scolding Soha. Why did she go to Waleed’s place? Indeed, I had the same question. Thank you, aunty ji. But you’re too hopeful that things will be alright between her and Rayan. Woh toh Soha ko dost banane ki baat kar raha hai.

Anyways, Asiya has done a good job brainwashing Soha. Now, Soha will be all dreamy eyes around Rayan.

This is a golden opportunity for Qudsiya to bitch about Asiya. What is her problem? Asiya is only meeting Soha, not bringing her back.

Here Qudsiya is making it difficult for Asiya and there Rasheeda says all sorts of awful things to her. Poor Asiya! Great acting by Shaheen. She is generally screaming in all other dramas. This one has a subdued role and she is doing her job well.

For some reason, Nadir thinks that Soha is responsible for Maham’s unfortunate demise. What? I’m sure this is also coming from Qudsiya. But, Asiya’s little speech has made him rethink his actions as well.

And, Rayan looks at her through the window. When she strolls through the lawn again, he talks to her and offers to be friends. Chalo, that’s a good start.

He puts up a brave face when talking to Rasheeda but later breaks down, remembering his brother.

Qudsiya isn’t done with the torture yet so she brings up Soha’s topic again.

That scene when Soha will to meet Waleed is shown as a flashback a thousand times over. Please… I can’t take it anymore.

Waleed overhears the conversation between his mother and sister. But bro, even if you want her back, would she be interested? I don’t think so.

Shabana Mukhtar