Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 5

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So, now we know that Fazil has very little time left. In this situation, as they don’t want to upset Fazil, they decide to act as husband and wife. Convenient!

Ayla sneaks around in Nisan’s apartment and sees a wooden box as dodo the dogs keeps barking.

Nisan tries to sneak out but Fazil is alert at all times. So, they decide to sleep in the same room. Nisan sleeps on the bed and Sinan sleeps on the floor. But they wake up with their places swapped. What the hell happened?

Malik is so upset that he’s being forced to marry. Ansuman tells him to fight for his rights.

Five elderly women arrive with upset stomachs and Berzan goes krazy. Four doctors deal with four sick women. The one Nisan has to deal with, is a matchmaker and offers to match Nisan with one of her sons.

The other two flirt with Berzan.

In one scene, Nisan tells them that she has arranged for caretakers. After a few more scenes, we see Ajla ready to interview caretakers. Continuity?

Fazil is thrilled to find the four elderly women. He pretends to be a doctor to treat them and makes up random stuff. Who comes to rescue? The craziest doctor- Dr Nisan.

One of the women has a daughter named Uroosa, Sinan’s ex girlfriend.

Sinan and Ayla begin interviewing the caretakers. The candidates are the finest specimen of weirdos, just like Nisan.

So, Nisan offers to check a new patient who has a car dealership. Sermet offers to help Nisan when Sinan scolds her.

Murat meets his neighbour Sadiya.

Fazil plans that they all eat together and Nisan would cook. Bad choice, Fazil. And, what does Sinan do? He asks her to make soup. But when he sees what she’s done, he orders from a restaurant. Good call, sir!

While unpacking the food, near kiss moment


Melik reaches home, taking every precaution to avoid Hina. Does he succeed? No? Because she is already at his home. She has charmed Melik’s mother as well and is ready to move in. OMG! Ansuman promises to help Melik.

Murat is eating food which he clearly doesn’t like. Sadiya brings homemade food and they eat dinner together. Love is in the air… the next morning he asks her out for breakfast.

Sinan and Nisan serve the food that Sinan ordered from outside. Fazil and Muqaddas have decided to marry. It will serve them well. They need a caretaker anyway.

Sinan and Nisan spend the night in his room again. Sermet sends the car as he promised which Nisan gifts to Sinan. He likes the gift and takes it for a ride.

When Nisan returns to the apartment, Fazil has disappeared with dodo the dog, but police catches him and takes him to police station. Sinan calls Uroosa for help.

Nisan also arrives at the police station to complain about missing Fazil.

Berzan and Ayla are out for some work, lost and the tyre gets punctured. Berzan changes the tyrez they have a nice cozy moment as Ayla helps him wear a shirt.

Everyone is in a soup, except Murat who is out with sadiya. He finds Fazil and dodo in the park. He calls Sinan who is still at the police station, venting out on Nisan. Finally, Uroosa rescues them, bails them, I mean, leaving Nisan all jealous and heartbroken.

Near kiss moment count = 1 (Total = 4)


That was my take on episode 5. If it wasn’t for Nisan’s annoying habits and very convenient-driven plot, I would have liked it much better. But, Sinan is kinda cute. Isn’t he?
Shabana Mukhtar

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