Haqeeqat | Episode 4 | Janwar


Being beautiful has been a virtue in cultured and civilized societies. But the same thing in ugly and stinking societies becomes the trial of your fate. In our society, a woman faces miserable experiments as mother, sister, daughter, wife, servant or working woman if she has a beautiful face and these horrifying stories never comes out because the victim herself and her family wants to keep it a hush.

Haqeeqat a series of disjoint stories to highlighted the good, the bad, and the ugly of a woman. Sometimes, she is the victim. Other times, she is just pure evil.

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This series is quite similar to Chhoti Chhoti Batein by Hum TV. That series had stories more detailed and not as intense.

Director : Abdullah Badini

Producer : Habib Jan

Writer : Kiran Khan

Channel: Aplus Dramas

Cast & Characters

as Fariha

Arsalan Asad Butt as Ahmed

Fariha’s boyfriend. This dude looks like John Abraham.

Arsalan Raja as Asghar


Fariha’s brother

Plot Summary

Fariha is walking on the road when a moral-less lecherous man Asghar stops her and talks shit. Eve-teasing is still prevalent in our societies and it hurts me that men still behave like animals when they see a woman.

She complains about him to Ahmed, her boyfriend. Her brother spots them together, holding hands.

It isn’t difficult to guess how he would react. He forbids her from stepping out of house, or touching her mobile phone.

Asghar is Ahmed’s brother, by the way.

Fariha has more troubles coming her way as the lecherous man comes to her hoise and threatens to kidnap her. She slaps him.

Ahmed talks to Bilal but Bilal refuses to listen to him. She’s kidnapped in broad daylight while her sister in law was with her.

Bilal reports Ahmed.

She is raped, and as she is thrown out of the car, she loses her eyesights as well. The next scene shows Bilal apologizing to Ahmed. What happened to the police report? How did he know Ahmed is innocent?

Despite Ahmed’s mother’s disapproval, Ahmed marries fariha. Asghar freaks out and thinks of killing her.

But he meets an end that he truly deserves.


I don’t agree to the description completely. This problems isn’t just for the beautiful girls. It is a problem with every girl and her only crime is that she’s born as a girl.

But I do understand that some people think it is education that is spoiling girls. That understanding is incorrect and needs to be addressed.


Let’s briefly talk about performance. Except for Ahmed, every other actor overacted. The execution seemed a bit childish. Like the road will have only the actors and nobody else around. And that colour of blood…

But the effort is commendable.

Until next time, allah hafiz.

Shabana Mukhtar