Daasi | Episode 17

Let’s review the 17th episode of Daasi.  Read previous episodes’ reviews.

This episode begins with Irma and Aahil talking over phone. I don’t like Irma. I don’t like such imposing characters. Why are you after him if you can see that he isn’t interested?

Sunehri is all emotional and weepy, reminiscing Shahabuddin’s mean words and actions. It isn’t much difficult to assume that she’d agree to marry Shahabuddin for her mother.

Aahil does come to attend Aadil and Aliya’s wedding, despite his strong opposition. Sunehri gets a good opportunity to gaze at Aahil for long.

Aadil comes to waiting Aliya and slaps her. Huh? How about that?

So, Aadil married her to avenge his insults. Hate the character but loved Furqan’s performance.

Sunehri’s mother is on a mission. Two, actually.
1. Find a boy for Sunehri
2. Find a girl for Shahabuddin

And Sunehri wants to give Aahil’s room for rent to run the kitchen. All tracks are depressing in this episode.

Rubab is still unable to see Tauqeer’s fraudulent ways. The meeting begins and Aahil begins questioning Tauqeer’s decisions. And, Rubab is upset with Aahil, why? The argument reaches a point that he blames Salahuddin’s illness on a certain someone. Burn!

Aahil continues his mission to uncover more frauds by Tauqeer and the accountant helps him.

I love Hina Khwaja Bayat’s performance as completely professional businesswoman.

That’s was my take on this episode. Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar