Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 25

Ipek and Asli cannot let Hayat leave alone. So they ask Kerem to drive her. Murat is so upset that he recalls everything about that night – the night he Hayat with spent. He isn’t alone, now, is he? Hayat tells him that she knows he loves her. Murat agrees but also says that it’s over. OVER!!!

Both are devastated and Hayat takes off alone.


Kerem is worried sick. A stranger saves her life but his dog doesn’t leave her alone. She arrives safe and sound and vents her frustration on Emine. Next morning, the mother daughter scene is very emotional.

Where the hell did Kerem go? He’s still searching for Hayat. For no fault of his, Ipek gets mad at him. Poor man!

Back home, Azime meets Murat and he breaks down like a baby. Next morning Didem comes unannounced and Azime is savage, especially when she deals with women like Didem and Derya. Like her.

Shabana Mukhtar