Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 26


Question: who wears crop top and shorts to work? It looked like a night suit, no? I am no stylist but… Just saying.

Doruk arrives at the hospital and fakes to be seriously ill just to tease Asli. They look cute together, don’t they? So do Ipek and Kerem. Ipek meets her father to borrow some money, he slaps her and Kerem watches the whole episode.

Murat has decided that the marriage is only for formality and he has no place for Didem in his life or his house. Hayat is being extra nice to Murat and Didem. Fake bravery, but interesting.

Tuval has marked her area at office so Didem cannot enter her section. What a drama queen she is!

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Hayat and Murat bicker again, and Murat therefore asks Cagla to attend a promotion party. Tuval sends Hayat as Doruk’s date. More drama to unfold, cannot wait. Off to watch the next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar