Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 27

Let’s review episode 27.

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Hayat looks gorgeous as she arrives at the venue with Doruk, representing Sarte (because there weren’t enough people already).


One of the guest flirts with her, asks she for dance and Murat gets jealous AF. He drags her away and calls himself “masoom and shareef” 😀


Murat is still angry and he takes it out on Tuval. She leaves, Doruk follows her and Hayat and Murat end up leaving together. Golden opportunity to bicker again. Love their rants.


Murat swims to calm himself down. Tuval arrives to his places and yells at him. What fun! They apologize to each other and things are normal.
I love how their friendship is depicted. Unadulterated and free of ego.

Remember the dude who once saved Hayat’s life? He runs into her again.

Hayat gets a modelling offer from a rival company but Hayat chooses to stay and even help Didem with wedding preps. Strong, huh?

We will how long her fake bravado lasts.

Shabana Mukhtar