Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 46

The three girls and three boys rant about each other. Doruk fixes the situation by texting Hayat from Murat’s phone. Kerem takes the credit and Ipek is so happy that admits to making pudding, her code word for being in love.

Didem continues to manipulate Ibrahim. On one such trip to meet Ibrahim, she learns about Hayat’s true identity. She tells Emine and Emine’s call ruins their first dinner date.

The mother daughter duo fight and Hayat takes off.

Ibrahim talks to Hayat and tells her: you hid this for a job but you should have told everyone later. Sahi bola, bhai.

Didem aches to inform this to Murat, or Doruk or Tuval… Tuval tells Didem that she knows Emine and Emine is crazy and calls Hayat her daughter. WTH? how long are they going to drag this? Until their wedding, I guess.


Off to next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar