Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 51

Ipek is till trying her best that Kerem doesn’t tell on Hayat but kerem puts his foot down. Azime confiscates the id card. I am sure she would hide the truth.

To prove that he has never lied to Hayat, Murat brings Hayat at the shooting location. Whilst they are sorting the matter, paparazzi captures Murat and Hayat together. SCANDAL!

Everything is resolved and innocent Murat forgives Hayat. Look at him laugh when she openly admits to being in love.

Kerem breaks up with Ipek. Dayam! Just when Ipek was a little happy.

Hayat heads to Murat’s office to tell the truth, she cannot let Ipek’s story end like this, right?
But Tuval has created the most stunning bridal dress and of course, yet again, she doesn’t tell the truth.

Azime comes to Hayat’s house and astonished to see Emine. Of course, Azime still wants Murat to be happy so everyone decides to hide it. Bhai waah!
As it turns out Azime is hiding more secrets.

Off to next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar

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