Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 53

Azime is still optimistic about Murat’s future. Doruk insists that Hayat should tell Murat. Derya is also aching to break the news. Murat throws her out of Sarte herself and she reminisces all the incidents since episode 1.

She apologizes but Murat is all stone faced.



Azime, Doruk and even Necat admonishes Derya. Why? Don’t ask. They just need a reason to create more drama. I mean, yes, what she did was wrong. But what else did you expect from her? She’s a villian and those characters know it. Anyways!

Murat pretends to be normal, so normal, that it is evident he’s hurting. He is upset with everyone – Azime, Necat, Doruk and even Kerem; to think Kerem left Ipek for him. Derya sprinkles salt on his wounds despite his obvious hurt. She’s so evil.

How does Azime fix the situation? She talks to Murat and gives him Hayat’s id card. Will that id card bring them close?

Hayat is being interrogated by Hashmet. Asli gives sleeping pills to Hashmet so Hayat can meet Murat. Hayat heads to Sarte. Murat’s anger has still not calmed. He is so pissed. He turns Sarte upside down.

Uff, angry young man!

Off to next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar

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