Runaway Brides | Episode 9

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Runaway Brides is a 2014 Turkish drama that I stmbled upon in last week of January 2023. This isn’t much of a review but more of a recap and my thoughts on each episode.

Runaway Brides Episode 9 Written Review & Update

Almilla leaves a voice message for the real Akif. He doesn’t match Almilla’s imagination, though. And he’s rude to the waiter. Almilla takes off, disheartened. 
Can calls Kaynat and tells about Ozgur. Almilla also comes to the hospital and stays with Ozgur. Later, Kaynat and Can talk. Kaynat wonders why people lie, and Can tells a sweet story about his grandmother and how he lied to make grandma happy. Sweet!
Kaynat gets a job at Mufit’s shop. She also gets a job as a dog walker. Ege comes to see her at Seniha’s but runs into Sebnem. Sebnem scolds Ege and asks him to stay away from Kaynat. This girl is fierce and I love her. She doesn’t lose, not at all. When she’s tasked to look after a little anti social girl Ruya she teaches Ruya how to be confident and beautiful. There’s nothing she can’t do.
Seniha and Sebnem argue whether the latter likes Selim. Fun talk. Sebnem challenges to make Selim fall for her in two days. Sebnem meets Selim who makes her wait. Later, she asks him to meet up and do anything of his liking. They play pool, and it was such fun to watch. Sebnem pretends to be a novice but ends up bearing Selim. Now, Selim is obliged to do what Sebnem says. She has a long list of things to do. 
Sebnem also tells Seniha to bend the rules because she was sure of winning the bet. Like I said, she never loses. 
Can’t wait to see the next episode.


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